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Exercise: Single leg deadlift

The single leg deadlift will create more stability.
You can do it with or without free weights, likes kettlebells etc.
Beginners:  Just work with your body-weight.
This exercise will activate your hamstrings and your lower back.
How it works:  Stand on one leg, slightly bend at your knee. Keep your trunk straight. Nowslowly cantilever your trunk toward the floor.  Keep your back straight throughout the movement.
Then return to to starting position.
As a beginner:  Do not use weights (already metionend above)
Single Leg Deadlift with body-weight:
Remember what gymnasts do on the balance beam and use the single leg deadlift more in this manner.
If you want to work with a kettlebell - here is an example from 
Lauren Brooks / On the Edge Fitness / youtube-Directlink:  
Another recommended way is to use one kettlebell lateral.

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